Tee off together!

Date : TBD 2024


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Rules of Play and Conditions of Competitions

1. The entry fee for the tournament is ₹ 15000 (Inc. GST)This includes, Green Fees, Caddy, GolfCart, Lunch, Snack, Fellowship Dinner and Welcome Kit 

2. Participants need to be golfers with a valid handicap from an IGU/recognised golf club. Please bring your valid handicap certificate and Handicap Index.(non-golfers and golfers without a handicap from a reputed course will not be allowed to play as per Prestige policies.) Players should play as per Local Rules of KGA mentioned on the notice board, for the day.

3. Players with a WHS Handicap Index will be allowed to convert to the Course Handicap from the conversion table at the starter. Players without a WHS Handicap Index but with a Home Course Handicap will have to play off their Home Course Handicap off the Club (White) tees.

4. The format of play will be Stable ford points system, off 80% of the allowed Course Handicap/Converted Handicap

5. Categories of prizes (before the 80% factoring):

Open Category : Winner and Runner-up
Handicap  0 to 11: Winner and Runner-up
Handicap 12 to 24 : Winner and Runner-up.
* Players with Course Handicap above 24 will have to play in the 12 to 24 Category.
* Handicap Category is before the 80% factoring.
* Players are eligible for only one  prize.

For any other clarifications, you can contact the Tournament coordinators,
Avinash N. Pillai (7406316444) and Giridhar Gopal (9108559425)
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