SportsCentric DAO

Sports community needs support from each other to build and grow. And that seldom happens due to lack of expertise, funds and transparency.

There is uneven and unfair support based on various factors such as geographical locations, nepotism, caste, creed, gender and many other discriminatory factors.

A Sports based Decentralized Autonomous Organizations can bring in the transparency needed for incentivising the support, a connect for athletes to give back once they reach a successful level in their careers and a system to show transparency in utilization of funds on potential athletes based on their talent and hard work.

SportsCentric DAO is a part of TheInternetOfValue consortium which is a research organization building a protocol stack with Value Creation Protocol, DAOcommons Protocol and Wellbeing Protocol for building communities(DAOs).


SportsCentric Club will help all the athletes create NFTs for the notable performances and can be owned/co-owned with the academy, institution and the community. These NFTs can be traded/sold on the marketplace at a later date and can bring in revenues to all of the involved when the athlete reaches a higher level in their sports career.

Multiverse to Metaverse

With the advent of Web3 and its functionalities, Metaverse can be leveraged to train athletes in various sports mentally and physically. It can be used for bringing various services that weren't available before to the grass root level players such as access to nutrition expertise, counselling to handle pressure, conducting virtual games to make them game ready through Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality and also access to other performance-tied sponsorships.
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